Our story began over nine decades ago in 1937, from humble beginnings, when our beloved grandfather Ibrahim Baysal started to work for a leather workshop in Beypazarı, Ankara where he spent 21 years of his life working with heart before starting his own business with a small leather workshop in Samanpazarı in 1958. Towards the end of 1960, just in two years, the first boutique opened its doors in Anafartalar Bazaar. The business continued to flourish with the openings of two other retail shops and a factory in the early 70s.

With a decade of hard work and diligence, the Baysallar brand has become a familiar and reliable brand with several different boutiques in Ankara in the 80s. By the 1990s and 2000s, the company entirely shifted its strategic focus to the textile industry where it continued to strengthen its customer relations and brand perception with quality service.

Currently SB Leather is operated and managed by Ibrahim Baysal, the third-generation general manager of the family business. Mr. Baysal is a young and dynamic leather engineer who has more than 10 years of experience in the leather tannery industry. Under his innovative vision, academic expertise and profound roots, SB Leather offers you high quality leather products in compliance with the highest environmental and sustainability standards of the ‘Leather Working Group’ protocols.

Our product range includes Wet Blue, Wet White and Metal Free leathers as well as an innovative “Let’s Design Together” (“LDT”) concept where you participate in designing process and decide sophistications of your order as a customer. Regardless of quantity and location, all goods of ours are collected and sorted with care and processed elaborately in order to satisfy the requirements of the international manufacturers of leather products as well as our customer expectations. With our experienced team and trustworthy brand, we take the full responsibility for ensuring the promised quality to the greatest extent.